Medway Elders letter on not meeting as a church in June 2020 because of COVID19

Dear Medway family

We applaud the President’s recent announcement that religious gatherings will be permitted under Level 3 and that churches are seen as part of essential services. This means that pastoral work can be done more freely and more people can be reached which we have been constrained from doing over the last few weeks.

The immediate question posed is whether or not we should commence group church meetings.

Medway Community Church response to the COVID 19 pandemic

Dear believers at Medway Community Church, our heart during this time of uncertainty is to ensure you are cared for and encouraged to continue to grow in your faith and love for God and His people. Last night [19 March 2020] we met as elders and deacons to prayerfully work through how we should respond to the latest developments and the directives from our government to reduce the impact of this virus in our country.